Late Winter Pickins        Gouache on Prepared Paper

​Yellow Loti 1    mmix      Gouache and ink on Prepared Paper

7" x 7"       mcmlxxxix         Conte Crayon on Woven Paper

Blue Forms.        Color pencil on Bristol paper.

Basalt I     mmxix                        Pencil on paper

Lotus Nelumbo    mmxv     Gouache on Prepared Paper

Sag Harbour  x.mmxxii        color pencil 

Katharina Castiblanco Grammer

Raintree Pods    mmxix    Charcoal on joined paper

Paper weaving  

Color pencil, ink, pigmented paper

Sandisfield Woods                    Conte and Charcoal on woven paper

Woods in Winter       Conte and Gouache on Woven Paper

Magdalena      ii - mmxviii                     Conte on woven paper

Magda      Drawing Series 1 - 5.      mmxxii       Pencil on Bristol.         8 1/2" x 5"